Masterpiece Contemporary – The Last Enemy

A mathematical genius takes a wild ride through the boundless paranoia of a surveillance on The Last Enemy a five-part techno thriller set in London in the not too distant future.

Watch a clip from this new series premiering on WVPT Sunday night October 5th at 9pm.



We’re also proud to introduce Matthew Goode, the host of the new MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY on PBS. The versatile star of Brideshead Revisited, Match Point, and the highly anticipated Watchmen will make his debut on October 5 with the premiere of THE LAST ENEMY. Masterpiece Contemporary Host

 MASTERPIECE fans will surely recognize him from his appearances in our own Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Miss Marple, My Family and Other Animals, and He Knew He Was Right.

MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY presents outstanding British television drama on contemporary themes: edgy, issue-driven stories with some of the most interesting talent working today.

Are you a fan of the dramas you see on WVPT and PBS?  If so, let us know.


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